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Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Gleecap: Diva-meter - 2/8/11 Episode

How excited was I that we got two brand new Glee episodes within three days?!  Not only did we get a bonus episode, last night's was a great, Divalicious one.

  • Welcome back to the inner monologue: +1
  • I like that we get to hear Blaine's beautiful voice whenever the Warblers sing, but we haven't heard Kurt's pipes in a long time: -1.  Don't silence that diva.
  • I think it's nice and cute that Rachel has friends now and is having an adorable lil sleepover with Kurt and Mercedes, but in real life they wouldn't be braiding each others' hair, they would be sneaking vodka from their parents liquor cabinet and replacing it with water.  -1
  • -1 for Quinn and Finn sort of getting back together.  Sam is much cuter and Finn shouldn't encourage cheating when it's been so damaging to his last two relationships.
  • Other Asian's dance moves were pretty ridic this episode: +1
  • Santana went to Jarod: +1.  Another +1  because she's from Lima Heights Adjacent.  And yet another +1 because she has plans to solve all her problems by marrying an NFL player like one of the Real Housewives of Atlanta.
  • Lauren Zizes was into Puck because she thought he was mixed race: +1 because I think everyone has been wondering about his ethnicity since episode 1 and then realized they didn't care because he's such a hottie.
  • +5 for overall amazingly relevant song choice.  I won't dissect them individually because they were all awesome.  I'm not a big Valentine's Day fan, but this episode kinda made me love the holiday.
Total: 8--> This episode is the diva equivalent of Jennifer Hudson.  Sure, some people forget about her sometimes, but every time she opens her mouth, you're astounded by how awesome she is.  Plus, with her astonishing weight loss, she's totally back on top, just like this episode of Glee put it back on the top of my must-watch list.

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