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Friday, August 1, 2014

Cafe el Presidente

Usually places serving tiny and authentic tacos are tiny themselves.  Not Cafe el Presidente.  The Flatiron space feels more open than just about anything in NYC.  It's enough room to house a juice bar that I thought was for show until I tried the spiked sandia cocktail - fresh watermelon juice with tequila.  Que fresca!  (Did I use that right?  I only pretend to know espanol.)  Albert went with the spiked horchata cocktail and enjoyed it so much he had three of them, which is a lot for a guy who almost exclusively drinks beer.  It tasted like Christmas in a glass but it was thin like a caramel macchiato and served on ice so it still felt appropriate in the summer.

We tried the carne asada and the carnitas tacos.  Carnitas was my preferred taco, but when they're this small you really can order several different types and try them all which is why I recommend going with a group.  Whether it's a group dinner or date night (and we saw plenty of both), my biggest recommendation is to order the esquites.  Grilled corn with chipotle mayo and cotija cheese is a hugely popular side dish at taco restaurants but I am just not a fan of getting corn in my teeth and mayonnaise on my cheeks.  Not sexy.  This was the first time I've seen this type of corn cut off the cob and served in a cup.  You still get all the same toppings and the corn got a really spectacular char.  At $3.95 this is by far your best bet on the menu.

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