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Friday, March 7, 2014

Book Review: One Last Thing Before I Go

Silver is a washed up musician.  After making it big as part of a one-hit-wonder band, he now lives in the only apartment building in his suburban town along with other sad, middle aged, divorced men.  He has made a mess of his life with no dating prospects and no relationship with his 18-year old daughter, who has just told him she is pregnant.  Why tell him?  Because he's not valuable enough to disappoint.  Just as he's wrapping his mind around the situation, he is rushed to the hospital and told that he will die without emergency surgery.  In a shock to the family who still loves him despite everything he has put them through, he decides to forgo the surgery and focus on being a better man and repairing his relationship with his daughter.  

Considering this is the third book I've read by Jonathan Tropper, I'd say I'm a fan.  I found this one a bit existential and did not enjoy it as much as This Is Where I Leave You or The Book of Joe; however it was still an enjoyable read as Tropper always injects sadness and humor into his writing in the perfect balance.

2.75 out of 5 stars (points deducted simply because I didn't like it as much as Tropper's other novels)

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