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Thursday, March 13, 2014

3 on Thursday

Now that Jet Blue started flying to Savannah, there is a second flight option for Savannah/NYC travel.  Hip hip hooray!  When they announced the new route, they set up some inexpensive flights, which my parents immediately booked.  They were only here for a short while but it was a nice boost for my soul.  I start to go a little crazy if I go too long without seeing them and this was our first face-to-face contact since X-mas.
Background: Edison light bulbs at Craft give the restaurant a masculine feel
  1. My parents and I saw Kinky Boots on Broadway.  I was a fan of the 2005 British film and thought it only got better as a musical.  Billy Porter definitely deserved his best actor Tony for portraying drag queen Lola, but I thought Annaleigh Ashford's performance as a quirky love interest was wonderful as well.  In case you're interested in taking in a show, I highly recommend this one.  The plot revolves around Charlie who has inherited his family's failing shoe factory.  In an effort to renew business he goes after a niche market: drag queens.  The book is written by Harvey Fierstein and the music and lyrics are by Cyndi Lauper.  Those are two writers/performers known for having fun with what they do and that is exactly what this show is.  This pic shows the inside of the Al Hirshfield Theater.  I love how theaters remain mostly unchanged over the years.  I only wish people liked to dress up more when they go.
  2. The Morgan Library may not be as well known as the Met or the MoMA, but it actually has a great group of exhibits in a beautiful space.  We went to The Little Prince: A New York Story exhibition.  Though awareness of Le Petit Prince goes beyond the French classroom, most people don't know that it was actually written in New York.  Author Antoine de Saint-Exupéry lived in New York during WWII and it was there that the book was first published.  Just before leaving to re-join the war, he dropped his manuscript along with first drafts at the door of a dear friend.  These papers, including a crumpled drawing that appears to have been dug from the trash are currently on display for the next month.  It is interesting to see the book's style progress as well as to understand the wartime backdrop that seeped into the work.  I urge you to check it out if you can.
  3. While walking around SoHo my Mom spotted a shady door and swore she heard about "this place".  As we climbed through an area that was more graffiti than stairwell, there were rain forest sounds playing.  We made a right at the top of the stairs to find that my Mom was right and there was a store there.  Kiosk is a tiny room with an assembled collection of trinkets from a given country (we hit upon Greece).  I wouldn't make it a destination, but if you're by the Spring Street subway stop, check it out for your daily dose of quirk.

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