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Wednesday, June 26, 2013

The Cardinal

I'd heard The Cardinal was churning out good Southern food but never made it down to 4th and B to see for myself.  Seeing a $24 BBQ plate on the dinner menu just seemed so anti-Southern I couldn't bring myself to go.  That kind of Southern food is supposed to be down and dirty and cheap.  It just didn't seem right...but that didn't stop me from wondering how the food tasted.  I found a compromise between principle and curiosity this weekend when I discovered they had a great brunch deal.

At brunch, the entrees are $13-$16 and for only $5 more you get unlimited mimosas.  That price point was much easier to swallow and I was impressed enough with the food and atmosphere that I'm now considering a return for supper, even if it is a little more expensive.  I recommend you start with brunch though because (do I need to say it again?) $5 unlimited mimosas.

I ordered the fried chicken and biscuits with sausage gravy.  It was way more food than I could handle.  The gravy could have used a little salt, but the chicken and biscuits were great.  Seriously amazing biscuits.  I also tried some of Albert's pork chops and eggs which also came with sausage gravy as well as a strip of bacon that was practically a meal in itself and a side of cheese grits.  In the South the cheese is mixed into the grits so I was a little disappointed that an order of cheese grits meant grits with a layer of cheese on top.  Then I tried it and tasted how great the grits were and didn't even care.  I've never said this about grits, but they didn't even need the cheese.  The grits were that creamy and delicious on their own that I'm assuming there's some cheese in there that they're not telling us about.  Albert was not as impressed with his first grits experience but then again, Yankees are silly.  He'll learn.


  1. It's cash only so come prepared or use the ATM they have in the restaurant. 
  2. They have sweet tea and cheerwine on the menu.  Southerners know what I'm talkin about.  (Though charging $4.25 for Southerner knows what that's about.)

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