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Thursday, June 6, 2013

3 on Thursday

8 days at home was just not enough.  I may be back to my NYC habits, but I still miss lounging on the boat and having all the time I want to read.
Matt and Karina recently hosted us for supper at their new place and although apps are usually my fave, I have to call their dessert course the winner.  We had port with biscotti and stilton and I learned stilton and biscotti go really well together - a new trick that won't soon be forgotten.  We ate dessert while playing Cards Against Humanity, a parlor game that gets even better after a few drinks.  I highly recommend keeping it around the house for impromptu dinner parties.

The best part of being home is home cooking.  When I reviewed the grocery list my mom emailed me I knew immediately that she was asking me to pick up the ingredients for my favorite meal, chicken and wild rice casserole.  I can't get enough of it.  Fun fact: when my Daddy was trying to impress my La La and Grandpa because he wanted to ask for my Mom's hand, he cooked them this meal.  If you eat this meal, you'll understand why they couldn't tell my Daddy no.

The costumes and sets were just about the best parts of the Great Gatsby movie.  The acting was great, too, but the other stuff was what really shined.  And I am being quite literal.  There were sparkly diamonds and glistening marble all over the place.  I love the Roaring 20s and their unmistakable glitzy art deco vibe.  I sometimes think I belong in a different generation and long to have lived in that era.  Apparently I am a step closer thanks to Tiffany's, who created many of the jewels we see throughout the film.  Almost all of them are well out of my reach, but this onyx and pearl ring was actually my favorite item in the collection and at $475 is actually affordable.  My birthday is tomorrow and if anyone is still looking for my gift, this is IT.

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