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Tuesday, June 11, 2013


a.Lure has been open a little over a year but I hadn't been so Mark and Allison were anxious to show it off.  When I looked at the menu and saw lamb carpaccio served with blue cheese ice cream I understood why.  Blue cheese ice cream?  That's the sort of thing that gets me toe-tappin' giddy.  If it's done right, that is - nobody likes a gimmick.  And it was, indeed, done right.  Oooh yea it was.  

Also done right: seared scallops with pulled duck confit, truffled cream corn sauce, and savory sweet corn ice cream.  These ice creams!  So new and funky!  Oo la la!  I can't forget the burger.  When I said I was getting too full to share, my dear Bub looked at me and said, "Tess, Wagyu is the Kobe beef of America.  When you see it on the menu, you just have to get it."  I learned long ago that it served me well to listen to my big brother, and this was no exception.  Aged cheddar, bacon, fried shallots, and garlic mayo made it a great burger.  Parmesan truffle fries are just the kind of fried potato a burger like this deserves.

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