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Monday, November 26, 2012

Yesso to Spasso

I am dreaming about cheese.  Not just any cheese: the housemade stracciatella at Spasso.  It's been nine days and this cheese is all I can think about.  It falls somewhere between the firm outside and creamy inside of burrata cheese and is a stringy gobbledy goop in a bowl, topped with olive oil and sea salt.  It is the perfect start to a meal.  Any meal.

Perhaps I was just on a cheese high, but I genuinely enjoyed everything I had at Spasso.  First off, I respected that the waiter picked up on our price point and taste preferences without asking many questions and suggested a wonderful wine.  We thought we had made our decision, but he offered us a taste of something that he claimed we would enjoy way more and for only $8 additional dollars.  He wasn't upselling us for a measly $8, he genuinely wanted us to enjoy a superior wine and let us taste each to back up his claim.  

When it came to food, Laurie and I split a pasta dish: pappardelle with braised oxtail ragu and ricotta salata. It was wonderful.  The ragu was the perfect consistency - not too thick and not too soupy.  We also tried the fried cauliflower caponata, which had currents for a sweet surprise in the salty chopped veggie mix.  It was a lighter side dish that still had a lot of flavor.  I don't usually go for dessert, but we had ordered conservatively for dinner so we decided to see if the sweets were as good as the rest of the menu.  Neither of us wanted anything big or too rich so the chamomile panna cotta with cherries and candied hazelnuts was the perfect choice.  The panna cotta had a creamier texture than usual - that's not a complaint; the thicker texture made every bite more satisfying.

When it comes to nicer restaurants, I don't normally want to go back immediately.  I am usually glad I went but file it away as an experience, a place to cross off the list.  Spasso stays on the list.  I'm just not ready to move on.  

Now if you'll excuse me, it's nap time, and I have a feeling that once I close my eyes I'll be eating stracciatella in my dreams.      

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