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Thursday, November 15, 2012

3 on Thursday

As happy as I am to see my Dawgs secure the SEC East title this weekend, I was even happier to have a few more days of nice weather before the harsh New York winter makes its presence known.
I can't believe I forgot to share pics of my Halloween costume!  Though I usually throw a party, I took a year off since the holiday fell too close to my housewarming party.  Just because I wasn't hosting the festivities doesn't mean I took a year off from the holiday as a whole.  When it comes to Halloween costumes, I always make my own.  They are typically more cerebral (lots of wordplay) and always done on the cheap.  This year I went as 50 Shades of Grey.  The only thing I paid for was my manicure (a french tip with two different grey polish).  I used a skirt I had at home and then made a top out of paint samples pilfered from Home Depot.  Loved the result!

Before the power went out during Hurricane Sandy, Danielle and I started a Homeland marathon.  I am now obsessed!  Sadly, I got rid of my Showtime so I'll be finishing Season 1 via Netflix.  Lots of intrigue in this one!

Turns out, if you ignore the cold seasons, they still come anyway.  Not buying appropriate clothing in protest will not stave off the chill.  This weekend, I gave myself a budget of $250 and went out in search of Fall clothing.  I found two dresses at Coup de Coeur, a boutique by my apartment that carries trendy clothes at a reasonable price, a great pair of peeptoe snakeskin booties at Second Time Around, and the above pictured shirt at Pookie and Sebastian.  Pookie is usually a little too pricey for me, but I splurged after coming in under budget on the other items.  I'm so glad I did because this shirt is absolute heaven.  It is the closest you can get to wearing a sweatshirt and still looking cute.  It doesn't look super special in the pic, but when paired with bangles and cute ballet flats it made the perfect brunch outfit.     

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