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Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Pinwheels for Potluck

After ducking out the last couple months, I decided to participate in an office potluck.  This month's theme was tailgating, which leaves the field wide open (no pun intended).  Since I was short on time and cash, I decided to make a timeless potluck item: pinwheel sandwiches.

I rolled up tortillas with mayo, shredded cheese, cajun spiced turkey, and broccoli slaw.  You may think this is unworthy of a post, but they turned out well and the broccoli slaw was a nice non-lettuce crunch.  I had to do something to make these guys different than the ones you find on the prepared grocery store platters and my solution was spiced turkey and broccoli slaw.  Eventually I'm sure I'll post about haute pinwheels, but for now, you get the plain ones.  They may have been simple, but that doesn't mean they weren't all eaten.

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