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Tuesday, December 22, 2009


My friend Big Brad has been campaigning for a shout-out on this blog for quite some time, but thankfully he understands this sort of thing must be organic.  I'm not gonna holla just for the hell of it; it has to make sense.  Well, the day has arrived.

Just before disappearing from Gchat, Big Brad mentioned having an "unreal" meal this weekend in LA (his current city of residence).  After reading his description of a Wowshi, I realized I had to find the menu for this Bella Pita place.  The website was not super informative, but I managed to learn the following:
  • Wowshi: a stuffed pita (filled with chicken/herbs or beef/cheese/onions, among other choices).  The pita is then folded over like a pie, baked, cut in half, and then you just pile in whatever you want.  Big Brad prefers the chick wowshi stuffed with yogurt sauce, hot sauce, tomatoes, red onion, cabbage, and peppercini.
  • Best part: it's only $5.25
  • The bonus: it's open til 2 AM
  • I wasn't quite sure this was as amazing as Bradley said it was...until I saw the picture

A big thanks to Big Brad for bringing this Cali find to my attention.  Though I have not tried it myself and, therefore, can not provide my official stamp of approval, it is definitely on my list next time I hit up the West Coast.
    As if that wasn't enough of a blog contribution, Brad sent me to this sorta food related site.  I like both bacon and beer, so I enjoyed it.  Big Brad, I am proud to say you've earned your blog shout-out.  Congrats.

    Oh and ladies, he's single.

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