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Monday, December 7, 2009

"If you're tired you take a napa; you don't move to Napa": Top Chef Semifinals

I actually didn't want to watch last week's episode of Top Chef.  In fact, i allowed the show to sit in my DVR lineup for a full 24 hours before I decided to get it over with.  Why did I refuse to watch one of my all-time favorite shows?  I couldn't bear to see any of the top 4 contestants leave.  The judges seemed to be as torn about the decision as I was, as they were scrounging for complaints about each contestant.  In the end, it was Jennifer's turn to pack her knives, and I was a little sad.  Some of my thoughts from the episode are as follows: 
  • Eric Ripert's mentee was immensely talented and was the only lady left.  Now that she's out of the competition, will she allow a romance to blossom with Michael Voltaggio?  Their lovechild would probably have seasoned his own amniotic fluid.  That was probably a gross thing to say.  Sorry.
  • Kevin had motion sickness on the train during the Quickfire.  I kinda wish we got to see him blow chunks all over Padma's baby bump.
  • Michael needs to get over this whole "Kevin's food is simple and, therefore, not as good as mine" thing.  It's tasty.  Deal with it.  I think he's just jealous there's no facebook group for his soulpatch and Kevin is the only one with facial hair facebook love.
  • Kevin continues to surprise me.  First we find out this carnivore gives up meat for lent; now we learn his restaurant serves all sustainable protein.  Did I mention he's a Southerner?  Rock on, dude.

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