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Thursday, December 31, 2009

Merry Movies

To me, Christmas break is primarily about sitting around in pjs and going through my list of must-see movies.  While I was home I had to take advantage of the low movie ticket prices ($7.50 compared to $12.50 in NYC).

First stop: Sherlock Holmes with the rents for some good old family bonding.  The story was a tad slow to develop, but Guy Ritchie the former Mr. Madonna did a great job directing.  The blue/gray color scheme and slow-mo moments were perfectly timed and executed.  The film exhibited a good mix of humor and mystery and while there was a small romantic storyline, cheesiness was kept to a minimum and it didn't water down the plot.

The second movie I saw while home in the SAV was Up In The Air.  Great movie.  Last year, Dave and I began a tradition to jam in all Oscar noms pre-awards.  This one was definitely on the list this year due to recent buzz.  Unfortunately for Mr. Smiles, I had to see this one with Mark, Allison, Matt, and Jen as he did not make the trip to the South.  No worries, I still have to cross Precious and Brothers off my list before heading back to work.  The movie was incredibly realistic.  I will refrain from much further discussion as I do not want to give anything away, but I think it was very well done.  The film exposes insecurities we don't even know we have.  You won't leave happy.  You won't leave sad.  You leave going "Ok, there ya go."  Congrats to American Airlines and Hilton Hotels for the prominent and frequent product placement.  As someone in the advertising field, I recognize and respect that you either got incredibly lucky or sold your soul to achieve this.  Either way, well done.  On the advertising subject, I must say I love the HSBC ads that show the same picture and 3 different interpretations of value.  Like the one showing the back of a bald head where one picture says style, the other soldier, the third, survivor.  Genius.  It actually makes the walk to the plane more enjoyable since they're always in the jetway.  Can't wait to see the next one.

Back to movies.  While home, I also caught up on some movies from the comfort of my couch.  First up was Obsessed.  Somehow it was the only film my whole family could agree on from the On Demand menu.  Beyonce surprised me as being not bad, particularly during the fight scene when she yells "come here bitch" and drags a half-clothed Ali Larter through the house by her leg.  While home, I also used my Best Buy gift card to purchase The Hangover and Mystic River.  It had been a long time since I'd seen the latter flick and forgot how great it was.  If you haven't seen it, put it on your list now, it's worthy.

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