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Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Unanswered Questions: Gossip Girl Recap - 11/30 Episode

The drama has returned!  The annual Thanksgiving episode did not disappoint.  Some secrets were revealed and others were left dangling in front of our faces, urging us to come back for more juicy episodes.

  • What was that face Nate was making when discussing Dan's girl troubles on the phone?  After concluding "it must have been the threesome talking," he gave an eye roll and head shake.  Does he realize he is on the phone and Dan can't actually pick up on this non-verbal sarcasm?
  • Was Serena wearing a cat suit?
  • Does anyone care about the Dorota/Vanya storyline?  I certainly don't.  GG writers, please kindly remove this plotline from future episodes.  Thanks.
  • Why wouldn't Serena tell Lily that Maureen is a crazy lady who orchestrated a political scandal?  I'm sure with this bit of info, Lily would be less likely to kick her daughter out.
  • How big do we think this Dr. Van der Woodsen secret is?  It has the potential to be huge, but it could also be a big let down, like when Serena reveals the real reason she went to boarding school is because she "killed someone" when really she just watched someone do a line of coke.
  • Is everyone deaf?  When Rufus is telling his joke, there are about 5 different side conversations happening but nobody outside of the 2 people in a given convo seem to notice.  The table wasn't that long.  Everyone would have heard everybody else's business.
  • What breed is that high horse on which Vanessa's mother seems to be permanently perched?  We get it; you like helping people, but in doing so, you seem to piss more of them off.
  • Shouldn't Nate hate Maureen a little more? He may want Serena all to himself, but that skank allowed him to take the fall for the biggest thing to happen to the Hudson since Sully.

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