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Friday, October 3, 2014

Pasta with Salami

Instead of having a cheese plate for supper two nights in a row, I recently incorporated some leftover Hungarian salami into a pasta dish.  I boiled up some spinach and chive linguine (Trader Joe's) and tossed it with some store-bought marinara.  The trick here is to put in enough sauce to just coat the pasta.  I once learned on a cooking show that if you see any sauce left in the pan, you've used too much.  The salami had been sliced thin for the cheese plate, which was exactly how I wanted it.  I sliced it into strips and tong-tossed it with the pasta.  I used scissors to slice up my salami.  It may seem barbaric, but it was the most efficient way to do it and my salami ribbons were perfect.  Top off with a drizzle of some really good quality extra virgin olive oil and some fresh parm.

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