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Monday, October 6, 2014

30 Before 30: #27 - Take One Picture Each Day for a Month

Taking a picture every day may not seem like much of a challenge in the days where our cameras are our phones and our phones fit in our pockets.  But this project wasn't just about taking lots of selfies; it was an attempt for me to stop for one moment every single day and find something to appreciate.  It is all too easy to slip into the same routine day after day.  Walking the exact same streets to work and going home to the exact same apartment can get monotonous and boring.  But even in a routine, it's possible to find something new every day that can make you smile.  This project means discovery.  It means gratitude.

Some days were easy.  One Sunday there was the most gorgeous sunset and another day I found a school door to be stately and beautiful in its own way.  But then other days it would be 11 PM and I hadn't found a single thing interesting enough for a picture.  It was those days that I realized how great it was that I could see the greatness of NYC just by looking out my bedroom blinds.  Snap: that's picture worthy.  Or how snuggling under the covers with my Bella was one of my favorite things ever so that deserved a picture as well.

I managed to tag almost all of the pictures in the collection (27 of the 30) with #SeptemberSnaps on Instagram.  I also used #30picsin30days to follow my own journey.

Date of Completion: 9/30/14

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