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Thursday, October 2, 2014

3 on Thursday

Despite a beautiful Indian Summer weekend of temperatures in the low 80s, we're really beginning to see a shift in the weather.  I don't mind the occasion to pull the cardis out of my closet, but my body is not reacting so well to the change.  I'm in the process of staving of a cold and thanks to udon soup and lots of hot tea with honey, I've been keeping the symptoms at bay.  After an incredibly busy summer, the slightly scratchy throat and stuffed nose are serving as a nice reminder that it's time to slow down now that fall has arrived.

  1. Usually my trips to The Strand are limited to quick digs through their streetside bargain bins, but last weekend my plans cancelled and I found myself standing outside one of my favorite bookstores with nothing but time.  I picked up four new books and have already started devouring them.
  2. Just at the tail end of summer I discovered the perfect pink shade.  With my complexion, true pinks can be touchy.  I always felt like the bright shades are best for blondes.  Scared by the nearly neon shade in the tube (the pic doesn't quite show how bright it looks), I was nervous to try Maybelline's Color Whisper in Petal Rebel.  Once I put it on, it immediately became a favorite.  It is perfect for summer as it alludes to a bright pink while still somehow remaining tame.  
  3. Usually when you run in a race, your participation gets you a t-shirt.  T-shirts can be great, but now that I'm out of college, I only wear them to sleep so I was so happy that the 10K I ran earned me a great tote.  It's super durable and shows off my support of the FEED organization.

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