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Thursday, September 12, 2013

3 on Thursday

Thanks to a bye week for football, it looks like this weekend will be pretty calm.  It sounds cheesy, but I plan to use the free time to reflect and enjoy the fleeting moments found between the seasons.  This week's background pic is a shot from Central Park, which just happens to be a great place to go if you want to do some of that reflecting.

  1. Because of when a major client presentation fell this year, I declined all invitations to the US Open in an effort to prepare.  Although I love the Open, work just had to come first.  My hard work was rewarded, however, when I got last minute tickets on Monday night, just after I finished my presentation.  For a prepster like me, the US Open is heaven and the Men's Finals are pretty impossible tickets to beat.
  2. I love heels but am finding flats increasingly appealing, especially when they offer something beyond the plain ballet flat.  Smoking slippers are a great option, but this season I really wanted a pair of oxford style shoes.  At around $20, these guys from Aldo are tough to beat.  And can you see the material?  They are sweatpants for the feet.  
  3. I love vintage and have always been attracted to things that are old.  Whether it's a book with browned pages or a piece of jewelry from an estate sale, holding something from the past makes me feel like I could be living in those glamorous times.  My Mom knows I love this stuff so when she was cleaning out my Grandma's closet she snagged this great purse for me.  There's no label on the silk lining, which somehow makes me like it more.

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