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Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Unanswered Questions: Gossip Girl Recap - 10/26 Episode

I have a dirty little secret: I love Gossip Girl.  I love the salacious plots, the juicy one-liners, and recognizing the NYC hot-spots.  I've noticed that after watching an episode, I have several unanswered questions.  I've learned it's best to talk it out; therefore,  I will devote my weekly recap of this amazing show to venting about these more confusing tidbits.

This week was Halloween for the Gossip Gals and Pals.  In my opinion, costumes just make things all the more confusing on this show:
  • How is throwing eggs at Jonathan a "plan"?  Did Jenny really spend time coming up with that?  And how is that something they can't get caught doing?  It was clear who threw them and obvious who the mastermind was.
  • Is there any of the old Rufus left?  In the old days he would have been much more an Economy Candy guy.  Now he buys his trick-or-treating candy at Dylan's.  Nothing against Dylan's - in fact, it's a block away from my apartment and I am there once a week, but it's still sad to see Rufus transform.
  • Why does Jenny see no gray area?  If the rule was that the boys could sit wherever, that would be that because she's Queen.  No need to throw away your sewing machine.
  • Does Lily seem to secretly enjoy giving motherly lectures to Jenny?  This blogger thinks she sees it as a way to fix all the mistakes she made with her real daughter.
  • Does anyone else notice that Rufus has exactly 1 outfit?  At least now we know Eric recognizes his penchant for hobo couture ("Rufus asked for my measurements - am I finally getting a flannel?").  Yes, this seems accurate - the gay teenage would be the only one to notice (or at least point it out), natch.
  • Why does KC talk about delivering James Franco's underwear like that's a bad job?  An 18 year old would be thrilled to do that.
  • Why does Serena forget her power as list keeper?  When Nate taunts her for working the door, she should have removed him from the list.  He's not one of KC's celeb clients - no one would have missed him or his bangs.
  • Do we think we'll learn how awful Patrick Roberts is as a boyfriend as soon as the next episode, per KC's warning?  That was some nice foreshadowing, GG writers, kudos.
  • Is anyone else disturbed that some 6 year old is dressed as Lady Gaga?

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